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Just a click away, you will be traveling to Dominica. Enjoy our pictures and videos from our trip.


Dominica, the Caribbean had been calling the island home for some 500 years until Columbus sailed by on November 3, 1493. He christened it Dominica in recognition of the Lord's Day and continued north without making landfall. The island was largely ignored for the next 200 years; the French and British then sparred for it, with the British gaining permanent control in 1805.
Dominica gained independence in 1978 The following year, the island was devastated by Hurricane David in 1980, however, a bright spot appeared on the horizon after a storm of a different sort; in the midst of the social turmoil surrounding the forced resignation of Patrick John, the island's first Prime Minister, Mary Eugenia Charles stepped into this position. She worked tirelessly to bolster Dominica's primarily agricultural economy while protecting the island's greatest source - its untamed beauty. Mary Eugenia Charles retired in June 1995 when the Untied Workers Party won the general election



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